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Baby Naming

This is a very unique ceremony to introduce your child to your family in a non-religious setting.  This is the perfect way to announce your child’s name at a location of your choice.  A modern way to celebrate your child’s birth, similar to a christening, but having a celebrant like myself creates a very relaxed and loving ceremony.  Over a few weeks of chats and emails, I will get to know you and how you would like your child’s event to be and together we can make your child and family have a fantastic day to remember.  I have an array of Ceremony Enhancement ideas to make each Naming Ceremony unique to your family. You can nominate Godparents, sponsors or guides if you like, these people will play a role in your child’s upbringing.  You can have as many as you choose and there is no limit on gender as it is your child’s event so you let me know who they are and they will help alongside you/yourselves promise to help the child grow into the best person they can be.

Wedding Celebration

I believe my role in your wedding celebration is to be there to give you both the festivities of your dreams.  The true joy of having a Celebrant like myself is you can be as romantic, eccentric, individual or mainstream as you choose (within reason!).   Finding out what style of wedding you both require is so exciting for me to hear, as I get a first glimpse of how you envisage your wedding celebration and we can get the feeling from each other if we would be a great client-Celebrant match.  I can combine cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, traditions, and non-religious ceremonies so you don’t have to choose a specific forum, I can make your wedding celebration specifically for you, your way.

I am not a Solemniser or a Civil Registrar and I am unable to legally witness your marriage, but I can give you details on how to do this, it is very simple you can choose to do this before or after your wedding celebration. Remember you must give the HSE at the very least three months notification, this is very important. I can go through this in more detail with you once we are in contact with each other.

The exciting bit.  How do you plan to Celebrate your marriage and declare your love for each other in front of your friends and family?


Will the venue be: beside a lake, on a sandy beach, at a castle ruin, in a unique stable, in a forest or in a luxurious hotel or even in your own home? The world is your oyster once the legal end is taken care of you can choose any location you like to celebrate you are married.  I bring the enthusiasm, knowledge, fun, laughter, the love story and I have a passion for what I do.  I will never say you can’t do this, that, or the other as I understand I am hired by you, to lead as Celebrant for your event, your way.

Personalizing your event your way and having a celebrant starts your day off to be full of energy, happiness and most importantly it is warm and heartfelt from start to finish.  Your guests will be enthralled to be witnessing your love story happen before their very eyes.  They will see your day as meaningful and poignant without being preachy.  If this sounds like what you imagine your day to be then a celebrant (like me!) can be a great choice for your wedding day.

Renewal Of Vows

So you’ve done it, your married and have reached a milestone. Congratulations to you both.  When you entered into your marriage you had aspirations of how your life together would be, you achieved targets, you have probably suffered losses, had arguments and shared memories and lifetime events and now you would like to celebrate your continued committed love in front of your family and friends at this new and informed stage of your relationship.  As a celebrant, I combine all the good and the bad you faced as a couple and solidify your future commitment to each other in a heartfelt and positive ceremony.

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!

Funeral Ceremonies

Miscarriage of Life Ceremony

One of the most difficult stages in life to deal with from a parent’s point of view and after having 3 miscarriages of my own, I know the importance of remembering the child that was growing within. This is a small and very intimate ceremony where a baby has been miscarried in the first few months of gestation.  This ceremony gives the parents & possibly grandparents a chance to name their baby and morn their little one’s loss. There are beautiful rituals that can be done in memory of the baby all very unique and adaptable to religious/non-religious beliefs. This type of Ceremony can be done anytime but usually within the first 2 weeks of the miscarriage and generally in a relaxed environment like your own home.

A miscarried baby is not registered with the HSE as a death by either name or date but is a true loss to any expectant parent.

Celebration of Life Ceremony

These events are held in a non-religious setting of your choice, for example, funeral home, your own home or crematorium.  Every Celebration of life Ceremony is different as each person who walks this earth has made their own footprints on their life, their family, their work and so on.  I will focus on what is important for your family to be portrayed about your loved one. I work to find out as much as I can in a short space of time to bring out the best memories, the best achievements and how truly unique the person was to their nearest and dearest.

Remembrance Ceremony

This Ceremony can mark the passing of time at a loved one’s anniversary, it is a very intimate and personal experience for family members to reflect on the past.  This type of celebration is generally in a person’s home and the ceremony is conducted prior to a family meal or at a gathering of family and friends.  It is a very relaxed ceremony and people can write poems or share funny stories or quotes in memory of their loved one. I also have beautiful remembrance enhancements that everyone can get involved in for example, if the remembrance is for a grandparent: grandchildren that possibly never met the person who passed away can get to help me do activities like sand ceremonies. (I can describe this to you in person) This is a lovely way for them to remember their grandparent and learn about how they used to be and how loved they were and still are.